Our Mission

In response to Trump’s Muslim Ban, Rosie the Hijabi emphasizes the strength, courage, and passion of Muslim women and allows the true meaning of Islamic feminism to shine. Rosie the Hijabi is a US social enterprise dedicated to providing high quality shirts to empower women by positively fostering inclusive standards of beauty. We aim to symbolize the diversity of modesty stitched in every seam. With every shirt sold, a percent of profits are donated to Malikah, a grassroots organization dedicated to womens’ empowerment and social justice. Our greatest ambition is that through our clothing, we will ensure that everyone feels belonged, accepted, and safe within our communities. Made by resilient women, we are proud to contribute to the movement for uplifting the voices of marginalized communities across the nation.
— Malak Afaneh, Founder

At Rosie the Hijabi, we are blessed with the loyal support of our customers.

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