From Chicago to California

Inspired by the diverse narratives of Muslim women in her community, Ms. Afaneh, a Muslim Arab American teenager, spent hours screen printing shirts in her high school’s small art studio. Within a month, Rosie the Hijabi was born. Each shirt depicted a courageous Muslim hijabi, standing above the Arabic script relaying the message of “Together We Can.” A symbol of Islamic feminism, and a tribute to the original Rosie the Riveter, Afaneh hoped to mirror the icon’s message of the resilience of women. Through social media and word of mouth, Afaneh donated over $1000 in proceeds to the National Zakat Foundation of America for Syrian refugees. Now a student at Pomona College, Afaneh continues to fundraise for the foundation through her shirts, and advocate for the resilience of Muslim women globally.
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At Rosie the Hijabi we believe in:
Empowering social roles of Muslim women
Fostering inclusivity and open mindedness
Liberating sociocultural standards of beauty
Nurturing future leaders and advocates of social justice