Improving Lives

Rosie the Hijabi has partnered with Malikah, a global grassroots movement committed to women's empowerment and cultivating action orientated communities. With every product you purchase, Rosie the Hijabi donates a percent of its proceeds to help Malikah build a network of engaged and active women leaders.

Dedicated to building capacity, safety, and power for all women, Malikah empowers the social roles of women in communities around the globe. Founded in 2010 after founder Rana Abdelhamid was attacked by an assailant who attempted to take off her hijab, Abdelhamid vowed to empower women that had experienced the danger and helplessness of hate crimes. Within six months, Abdelhamid trained women in self defense and nurtured organic gatherings of leaders ready to create safe spaces and share their narratives. Today, Malikah has worked with thousands of women, seventeen cities, and generations of sisters advocating for the larger gender justice movement.

Self Defense
Economic justice
National Womens Summit
Movement Scholarship
Positive Masculinity Project